Mon - Fri £20.50

Sat - Sun£24.50


Mon - Fri £24.50

Sat - Sun£29.50

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Let us take you on a culinary journey that you will not forget. Our specially trained Gaucho Chefs are on hand to serve our exquisite meat cuts that are  continuously carved at the table in a traditional Rodizio style.

The journey begins at our gourmet salad bar, you will find an extensive variety of healthy salad combinations, an amazing selection of imported cheeses, cured meats and real Brazilian dishes. *DUE TO COVID-19 OUR SALAD BAR SELECTION WILL NOW BE BROUGHT TO YOUR TABLE.

When you return to your table simply turn the Rio card to the green bull head. Chefs will start to bring you all our Churrasco meat and will continuously carve it at your table side until you say so.

When you need a break, just turn the card over to the red bull, and service will momentarily stop. Use the card to control the pace of the meat service, allowing you to enjoy at your own pace. At Rio you are the boss!